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Steve Kucinski

Dublin Coffman High School

Dublin, OH

Dr. Steve Kucinski has a collection of notes he’s saved from decades of former high school English students. He re-reads and cherishes them like priceless treasures. The writings tell stories of how he motivated changed lives and helped pave paths. This comes as no surprise as Dr. K is a rare individual who works tirelessly to tear down the conventions of typical teaching to arrive at an end goal of deep lasting learning. His classroom design is as non-traditional as his style. You won’t find rows of desks but places to relax and even snacks to enjoy. It’s an environment that makes learning and writing about literature collaborative and comfortable  and provides the space to be creative and uncover talents and passions. Assignments can be completed via various innovative project choices that give each different kind of learner a way to shine and build confidence. 1250 characters is nowhere near enough to describe the countless ways Dr. Kucinski enriches his students? lives. He is much more than a teacher but also a listener guidance counselor life coach cheerleader motivator and advocator. A well-deserved Norwegian cruise would be just the gift to give to this teacher who has given so many to others.