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Matthew McShane

Archbishop Prendergast Catholic High School

Drexel Hill, PA

How do you describe someone that is indescribable. What do you buy the richest man in the world for his birthday. Studentsfriends and family used words such as invested accessible approachable understanding caring color blind and a great listener just to name a few in describing Matt. Matt has been a teacher at Bonner/Prendie for over five years. Although specializing in Math Matt’s hands are far reaching both in and out of normal school hours running the CSC program and is the Freshman class lead teacher often having to change hats on the fly from friend to disciplinarian. Outside normal hours Matt coaches the tennis team is heavily involved in the drama club and volunteers his time over the summer with trips to Europe. His devotion to his students in particular and the Bonner/Prendie community as a whole is immeasurable. On a personal level, Matt was a frequent visitor to my dinner table on Sundays not for a free meal but to tutor my children and I can surely attest that mine were not the only ones. Webster’s Dictionary defines deserving as qualified for or having a claim to reward assistance etc… because of one’s actions qualities or situation Matt’s actions & qualities clearly qualify him to a reward.