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Lyla Younes

Kirk Elementary

Fresno, CA

It was extremely hard for parents and students to adapt to technology when covid hit. I teach in a very low income area in Fresno parents here are most stayed at home and without any knowledge of technology and without any education background. I have 24 first graders that was already struggling with technology. Parents had instructions from the district how to get their child start with virtual learning… Not knowing parents with be struggling on this task. Teachers were scrabbling stressing and trying to get all students online learning. I tried to guide each parent step by step on how to log on how get into clever iready class dojo and teams. Parents were still struggling even through step by step instructions on the phone. So I took the next step and went to each one of the students home and helped the parents and the student. Yes I took safety precautions very seriously. Then come first day of virtual class 23 student showed up. Parents were so happy that they were able to help their child log on into Teams.