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Lisa Chatham

Georgia Connections Academy

Duluth, GA

Lisa’s job has been to teach virtually for several years but the pandemic increased their school’s enrollment and brought an increased focus to how all teachers are performing with their students. Without missing a beat she has consistently enriched her students lives by inspiring and growing their desire to read. At a Title I funded school where over 70% of the student population lives at or below the poverty line and during the height of a pandemic Lisa used the technology available to her to bring the library to the children. By signing up over 260 5th grade students on Epic! students who otherwise did not have access to reading material read over 5000 books in one school year! In addition to work throughout the past year Lisa has had life-changing challenges thrown in her path. For some perspective: The greatest of these came in November 2020 when our 8 yr old son collapsed in the kitchen floor with a seizure in front of his brother and sister and we began the journey down the road of epilepsy. This came a month after I had spent time in the hospital and 2 months after just moving. In what has been an unstable year for many Lisa has rose above the fray and delivered for her students and her family.