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Leslie Baker

Western Boone Jr/Sr High School

Thorntown, IN

Mrs. Baker is an amazing band director and music teacher for our rural school district. She teaches in both the Jr/Sr high school and the elementary school traveling between them daily. She makes music fun and accessible for all ages and abilities. Throughout the past year, she has found creative ways to teach and connect with her students both online and in-person. She taught rhythms by creating a parody workout video featuring her students moves; helped her life skills class create a complete musical including costumes & unique songs; found safe ways for the kids to perform during this pandemic; and conducted concerts while playing instruments & with her toddler daughter at her side. The day before a Christmas performance a large portion of the band was contact traced requiring her to quickly modify handbell music for the remaining students and recruit volunteers to help fill in sections of the band. Mrs. Baker has worked diligently to provide a high-quality education regardless of the restrictions she has faced from COVID-19. The band program has continued to grow in numbers and quality of music under her leadership. Her love of music and genuine concern for her students well-being has revitalized our program.