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Jenny Miltner

Dublin Coffman High School

Dublin, OH

Miss Miltner loves teaching and she especially loves teaching her kids (as she calls us). This year was hard on all of our teachers and they all did an amazing job of making us the students the #1 priority. Miss Miltner was very nervous about Covid because of her health but she still showed up and gave us her best every day. She said that was all she expected of us too our best. Even though we started out school on the computer it did not take long for us to feel like a real class and she made us feel included whether we were in school or at home. Now that we are in school every day we can see how really goofy she is but that’s okay because it is what makes us like coming to her class. We know Miss Miltner likes the water (so she would like a cruise) because she has pictures all over the room of her fishing (and her cats… she’s a crazy cat lady but we don’t mind that). The best thing about Miss Miltner is she cares about us AS PEOPLE even more than as English students. Sometimes she says things wrong (like cheugy or sheesh) but maybe she does that on purpose to get a laugh. It usually works. Vote for our crazy teacher because she will keep everyone on the boat laughing and feeling like they belong. “