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Edward Cisneros

Multicultural Arts School

Chicago, IL

Ed Cisneros is a theatre teacher that has been giving his students his all for over 14 years. He has always chosen to remain at his public neighborhood high school bringing the world of theatre to an entire generation of historically underserved students. Mr. C has created relationships with the world-class theatre’s of Chicago to ensure access for his students to some of the best performances imaginable. He is a true and literal teacher and has even been student-nominated for the prestigious Golden Apple teaching award. He is tireless (on the outside) supportive and always working to engage with his students who may not always see the benefits that an elective subject like Theatre might be able to offer them. He has also been a rare constant in the culture of his school through a revolving-door of faculty and administration. During the tumult of converting to remote-learning Mr. C. made the pivot that so many educators had to make– and like the best of them he truly put in the work to ensure that his students were getting everything out of the work that they could instead of trying to make his previous lessons work as a make-shift semester. It has been an epic labor. The man needs and deserves a real vacation.