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Donna Mack

Mabel Hoggard Magnet ES

Las Vegas, NV

Ms. Mack has taught over 4600 children in her 34-year career. As a final gift to her students and school she wants to win a cash prize for the beloved animals at Mabel Hoggard Magnet ES in Las Vegas NV. The school has 25 farm animals and 60 small creatures; the students belong to the ZooKeepers Club and help with care feeding and nurturing the school’s pets. Students learn empathy valuable science lessons and work ethic. Ms. Mack’s favorite animal is Cinnamon a female pig the school adopted at 3 months. Everyone’s favorite is Mabel a sweet mama goat named after the school’s namesake. Mabel is gentle with the children and will even wear a school shirt at morning ceremonies. Caring for a small zoo is very costly and often falls to the teachers to supply food medical attention and supplies for the animals. Ms. Mack and the Hoggard staff wouldn’t trade the experience for anything but financial assistance for their precious pets would be amazing.