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Darletta Jaycox

Cunningham Elementary Austin Independent School District

Austin, TX

Like all teachers Darletta’s year was very challenging. It began before COVID when her mom suffered a stroke during Thanksgiving which caused Darletta and her siblings to provide 24/7 care for their parents. To make matters more challenging Darletta also had a medical condition that put her in a high risk group if she contracted COVID-19. Still she went above and beyond for her kids. Students with special needs learning remotely provides great challenges. She didn’t let that stop her. She sang to them told stories and used bright visuals to keep their attention. She was in constant communications with students and families making sure they had everything they needed. Sadly her mom passed near the beginning of the school year. She continued to help her students and love on them while grieving over the loss of her mom. Each day she would go directly from teaching to caring for her father. She transitioned to in person learning but still also met with certain students online in order to ensure their safety. In April she lost her father as well. Darletta like her late mom was born to be a teacher and they both have a heart for ALL children. She bakes a birthday cake for each of the students she serves. She loves all her kids.