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Courtney Saling

Dodson Branch School

Cookeville, TN

Mrs. Courtney has been an angel for our family. While trying to navigate the craziness of Covid-19 schooling she has been patient and supportive. Add into this circus that she has two Type-1 diabetic students one whom is a newly diagnosed and is still trying to figure out her own path Mrs. Courtney has been the calm that these special kids needed. She doesn’t let the alarms and medical emergencies keep her from teaching the class nor does she allow these 2 children to feel like they are different or a burden. She makes each student feel special. She has gone above and beyond to make this year as normal as possible for her students. She even had personalized stuffed animals and water bottles made for each student. Mrs. Courtney makes sure that each accomplishment is celebrated and each stumble is overcome with whatever help is needed. Without her unwavering love and support her kids would have had a very different experience this year. We are blessed to call her our teacher and friend!