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Anna Elliott

General McLane School District

Edinboro, PA

Anna Elliott is a student support teacher. As seen in her pictures she is a super hero teacher! Mrs Elliot normalizes with her students she gets to their level where ever that might be that day and helps them understand their value to be able to succeed. She is tender and understanding to her students or like she calls them my kids and when needed she is a force to be Reckoned with which holds the children accountable for their actions. She is there to stick up for them when no one else is and she never gives up on them even after they are no longer in her class. (Even the ones graduated and have had kids she is a support too) She does not shy from making them laugh and dressing up on the student spirit weeks. Our family has thanked her in words many times however she deserves to be in the spot light so the whole world can see how special she is!