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Andrea Bobadilla

Ednovate, USC Hybrid High School

Los Angeles, CA

Andrea immigrated to the US with her parents at the age of 4 from Latin America thanks to her efforts she was able to obtain her bachelor’s degree and then her master’s degree in Education. After 2 years teaching English as an assistant teacher in Spain she got her first job as a Spanish teacher in a high school in Santa Monica after two years she took the challenge of entering in a Hybrid school model where the 100% of students are accepted into US universities. In a few time she was in charge of the Spanish program and lately with the efforts of her fellow teachers they also achieved that her school has become a distinguished school in California which is obtained by example and quality of its educational programs. Before Pandemic Andrea became the mother of a beautiful little girl and soon after due to life’s destinies she became a single mother. In spite of all these distractions she has keeping her classes remotely to maintain the education of her students of course all her students know Sofia hers baby who sometimes interrupts her classes to discretely support her. I believe that Andrea represents the true American dream demonstrating that where there are opportunities you can go far and give back in some way.