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Steven Curry

Windham Middle School SAU 95

Windham, NH

Mr. Curry is one of the most selfless caring and hardworking teachers in New Hampshire. He teaches 8th grade math at Windham Middle School. In his 5+ years teaching he has never missed a day. Perfect attendance! Even when he injured his ankle and couldn’t drive to work he took a rideshare to and from school. His students admire his ability to make math fun. He often has parents reach out to him saying how great it is to see their child finally enjoying math class. Everyone sees what an impact he has on the kids. He’s even received multiple shout-outs from former students in the local newspaper as their favorite teacher. Mr. Curry not only loves to teach but he also coaches three school sports. He spends countless days at practices and games with girls volleyball in the fall boys basketball in the winter and boys baseball in the spring. He truly does it all! And he does it with a smile on his face. Mr. Curry deserves to be recognized after this past year. He went above and beyond for his students and not once complained about the challenges at hand. He is the teacher we all wish we had growing up. Just ask any of his former students they will say the same. Mr. Curry is the best!