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Sandra Curran

Kelowna Secondary School

Kelowna, BC

Sandra consistently goes above and beyond by guiding her students to consider all the possibilities and then realize their life goals. She makes time for all of her students to meet face to face to discuss any concerns and seeks out those who need her guidance. She helped my son to consider his options for post graduate academics and do everything that was required of him to succeed. He has now been accepted at his first choice of universities with a scholarship! I feel very privileged to have had her as one of my son’s teachers especially through the pandemic. As a teacher of senior secondary students she helps them formulate their plans at a critical point in their lives and she does with grace professionalism and humour. She is well liked at her school! Unfortunately, her school recently suffered a tragic loss with the deaths of three of their graduating class. She works tirelessly to be there for her students and help them through this terrible time. No teacher expects to have to go through such a horrific loss but she is drawing on her strengths and training to lead her students so that they can learn how fragile life is. Sandra is an exceptional teacher who truly cares about her students and deserves this award.