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Samantha Macdonald

C.S. 67 The Mohegan School

Bronx, NY

Samantha teaches in a title 1 school in Bronx NY. She teaches both general ed as well as special ed children. Samantha has worked all through covid teaching 4th grade students both remotely and in person. Samantha is not only an amazing teacher but a giver and someone with the biggest heart. She treats all her students with so much love compassion and support. Samantha missed her students during her time spent remotely teaching. Now that she has her class room back and in person teaching has resumed she continues to show each of her students as well as her faculty how much of an exceptional teacher she is. Samantha has a special bond with her students and although she could not be there in person for their graduation last year she went door to door through the Bronx bringing them little treats and awards for all their good work that they completed on remote learning. Samantha not only teaches her students but she shows them qualities on how to be a good person a leader and someone to look up to in a positive light. if anyone deserves this trip I would have to say Samantha stands out to me. from your best friend alyssa