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Rosie Quinonez

Indian Trace Elementary Broward County Public Schools

Weston, FL

You won’t find a more dedicated and caring teacher than Mrs. Rosie Quinonez. Throughout her career she has dedicated herself to helping special education students learn and thrive in school. During Covid she has had to learn how to teach the kids through online platforms and even converted her living room into a classroom so that the kids could experience the full school day while at home. The hours she has dedicated to creating videos and personalized curriculum for the kids went far and beyond what was expected. She has given Her all so that the kids can Do well in school and be prepared for the years to come. Now that school is back in session she has had to further Divide her time between the kids learning at home and those in the classroom. Through sweat and tears she comes to class every day smiling and ready to give her all. There is no one more deserving than her for a vacation as she has given up so many nights weekends and vacation days making life better for everyone around her.