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Phil Howlett

Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology

Belleville, ON

An educator for 30+ years Phil has positively impacted countless students. At age 62 he is teaching communication/counselling skills and FITNESS & lifestyle management to college students! Leading by example he uses the curriculum not just to teach subject matter but also to teach students about themselves. His message: no matter where your work YOU will be there. You learn job skills but WHO you are is more important than WHAT you do and successful relationships are the key to success on the job. As a high school gym teacher/guidance counsellor 10+ years working in corrections and 15+ years as a college professor he uses a simple philosophy: people are doing the best they can and if you treat people with respect you will be respected. It works: yesterday a graduate stopped us to say thank you for not giving up on him. He proudly talked about his family his new house and his job working with at-risk youth. (This happens a LOT!) COVID-19 has meant new delivery methods new technologies THOUSANDS of emails and still finding time to video chat with those in need of a more personal touch. His approach works: the students know that he cares more than they care what he knows and we ALL love him for it!