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Pamela Alexander

Swansea Public Schools

Swansea, MA

Mrs. Alexander is not only a high school child development teacher but also a Pre-K teacher. Director of Case’s Little Faces this Pre-K class is actually a high school child development class. High School Students are hands on with the Pre-K children as Mrs. A teaches them this Child development course. Not only is she developing high school students for their futures but also molding the toddlers for their future years in school. During the closure of school due to covid I instantly thought the pre-k class would be over. Mrs. A did not let that happen. Not only did she have zoom classes with her high schoolers but also her Pre-K class. She stayed engaged with all her students throughout the entire lockdown. Even dropping off care packages educational tools and gifts at the doorsteps of the children. Going above and beyond is an understatement. I am thankful my daughter has been in the presence of Mrs. A for the last 2 years in Pre-K. She treats her students as one of her own and it shined during the toughest year of these children’s lives. I truly hope you consider awarding Mrs. A and her dedication to all her students.