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Nicole Penchansky

Groton Dunstable Regional High School

Groton, MA

Being a part of SeÒora Freitas’s class is like being part of a family. I will never forget the first day I walked into her class; we immediately all felt the ambience of acceptance and joy inside her classroom. I was in awe of a teacher that truly cared about the way her students felt not only during the school day but constantly in their own daily lives. In a place where I felt excluded and not accepted for being the person that I am she welcomed me and all of my peers with open arms. I have never met a teacher like SeÒora. I am confident in saying she has been not only one of the best teachers I have ever had but one of the greatest people I have ever met. She has helped me greatly in the classroom and is an adult I trust and can count on whenever I need support. One day when SeÒora wasn’t able to lead the class her students used what they learned from her both as a teacher and a person and lead the class activities without hesitating. I have never seen a teacher be able to reflect so much of themselves onto their students. SeÒora just got married and had to cancel her honeymoon due to Covid; she constantly goes above and beyond for her students and this beautiful trip is something she truly deserves to win!