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Mike Mikulec

Hillsborough IB High School

Tampa, FL

Mr. Mikulec goes above and beyond most while teaching AP European History at Hillsborough High School a course that is considered one of the hardest that the College Board offers. He makes this difficult course much easier to understand through his explanations stories and lessons. He spends many evenings and weekends with his kids giving extra tutoring to try to get them to get a high score on the exam and to have an appreciation of European history and culture even this past year with the restrictions due to COVID. He cares about his kids and that they are focused on understanding the information. With the pandemic this made it more difficult for him to have students both in the class and at home but he is always trying to ensure the e-learners are as engaged as those in the classroom. Before the pandemic Mr. Mikulec would take students to Europe to visit the places they learned about in his class and to experience the cultures of Europe. Besides teaching this course Mr. Mikulec also has a large amount of other responsibilities at our school. All of them to help our program run smoothly and get students to be as successful as possible. Overall Mr. Mikulec puts his students needs first and for that deserves this!