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Michelle Combs

Westglades Middle School

Parkland, FL

Michelle Matteis-Combs has been teaching in South Florida for over 13 years. During those years she has never given up her passion for teaching even after being displaced from multiple schools due to budget cuts enduring the school shooting in Parkland and contracting COVID during the current school year. Michelle always has a positive attitude in life and takes pride in making her classroom a happy and joyful place. She’s the head cheerleading coach and volunteers for all school and community events even with two small babies at home. Michelle inspires her students to be the best they can be by living her life as an example to others. When her father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer Michelle took time off of work but always kept in touch with her students reminding them to always do their best – no matter how difficult a situation may be. During this challenging Covid year she took minimum time off and kept an uplifting attitude and went with the flow – teaching from the classroom as soon as she was allowed. She believes the more you put into something the more you will get out of it. We know her students gained a lot out of their 8th grade language arts class with Mrs. Combs – and that she is an inspiration to all.