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Kristin DeYoung

Jenison Public Schools

Hudsonville, MI

My son and daughter both had Kristin as a teacher. She is dedicated and encourages all of her students to Change the World! As I’ve learned more about Kristin she is truly inspiring to me. She and her husband spent the early days of their marriage teaching in the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately their service there had to be cut short after the traumatic birth of their first child. They had to return to the US for life-saving care for both Kristin and her baby. Because of this traumatic experience Kristin was not able to bear any more children. She began the adoption process while dealing with health complications and teaching full time. My daughter was in her class when they were chosen by a birth mother. Soon after they learned that the child they were hoping to adopt had a life threatening medical condition. Still she continued to teach and be a positive light in her students? lives. Thankfully the medical diagnosis was wrong. Her daughter faces health challenges but is thriving. Then came 2020 the year school got flipped upside down. Kristin’s world was turned upside down again. She received a medical diagnosis of Ehlers-danlos. She continues to teach and bring her gracious positive attitude to all she does.