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Julie Pawlowski

Union Academy Charter School

Monroe, NC

Julie is my daughter-in-law. Not only has she weathered this pandemic crisis by working from home (preparing lessons making videos etc.) she also was hit with her mother’s cancer and was helping her Dad and sisters care for her until her death (August 2020). She was also blind sided by her husband’s (my son) diagnosis with Neuro Endocrine Tumor last April – during the pandemic she was also his caregiver during many tests and subsequent surgery and recovery on Nov. 4 2020. All this while still keeping up with her school work and helping their 14 year old son with his schooling. Julie is a very dedicated 5th grade teacher at Union Academy in Monroe North Carolina . I realize that all teachers have gone through so much during this time but I just feel my DIL has gone through more than most. I appreciate your reviewing of this nomination.