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Joanne Grenz

ST John Fisher School

Portland, OR

Mrs. Grenz has been making magic as a first grade teacher for our kids for over 30 years. She brings nature and fun into the classroom and brings the classroom to nature whenever possible. She has worked tirelessly during the pandemic teaching both online and in person working to make sure each student is seen heard and understood. There is never a time when a child or a parent can’t come to Mrs. Grenz. She makes time for everyone and doesn’t forget about her students once the have moved on. One of the most special things I love about her is last year when my then 8th grader didn’t get to do all the special graduation things they normally do Mrs. Grenz wrote her a note. It was the most thoughtful letter I could imagine getting. She remembered everything about my daughter from first grade and the mentions of how she noticed her growing and shining throughout the years showed me that she is always paying attention to the kids not just when they were in her classroom. -Loving and cheering them on through life. Everyone should be so lucky to have a Mrs. Grenz.