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Gisel Zapata

True North Classical Academy

Miami, FL

Mrs. Zapata is a Kinder teacher at True North Classical Academy. Her nickname is Mary Poppins because she loves wearing dresses making people smile & singing songs. Just like Mary Poppins she creates an atmosphere where students are free to learn make mistakes solve problems speak when they feel hurt and learn to encourage each other. Like everyone quarantine brought feelings of sadness & incompletion and felt like something was stolen from all of us. Mrs. Z made sure that our students continued to feel connected cared for & still learn! She had a virtual pajama party-story telling night a drive by her home so all the students could wave at her & each-other. Now that we’re back in class she works hard each day to make the virtual students feel just as welcome loved and included as those in class. To top it off she not only cares for her students she also prioritizes the needs of her colleagues. Always willing and ready to lend a helping hand and encourage those around her. TN Classical Academy is a tuition free charter school in Miami and the only of its kind! TN and Mrs. Z have changed the life of our family and we are forever grateful!