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Elyse Kotkin

Cooper City High School

Cooper City, FL

Elyse is the most caring and passionate teacher around. Her relationship with her students is by far one of the best relationships I’ve seen between a teacher and a student. The students always confine in her. The students trust her. They also keep her hip and cool with the latest from the kids are saying. Im just super proud every day knowing that Elyse is helping to shape the future of our kids every day. Teaching 9th graders is not an easy task but she gives it her all and it shows because the kids love miss K! There?s no one more deserving than Elyse to be nominated for this cruise. Elyse deserves a break to be pampered and not have to worry about waking up by an alarm at 5:30am every day. This cruise would be the perfect gift to show that we appreciate the hard work that Elyse puts in every day