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Doreen Hacker

Yeshiva Derech HaTorah

Brooklyn, NY

Mrs. Hacker has been a math teacher for 23 years and is currently teaching 6 classes in two different schools as well as helping students with after school hours. Mrs. Hacker is known for her passion and love for teaching for always doing what is best for the students and for coming up with new ways to stimulate the interests of her students. One example of how Mrs. Hacker inspires her students everyone day is by starting off class with The Problem of the Day which is a fun riddle where students need to use their minds in a fun way to try to figure out math/problem solving riddles. Mrs. Hacker needed to work fast to adapt to remote/online teaching. She worked tirelessly teaching over the internet for many months during the Covid pandemic despite the fact that it was very difficult. The moment the government allowed teachers back into the classroom Mrs. Hacker was amongst the first ones back despite the risks involved. Although Mrs. Hacker does not seek public recognition and praise. I believe that she deserves a nice joyous vacation to show her how much we all appreciate how much she has done for all her students and our children!