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Cary Cabrera

Cypress K8

Miami, FL

I am nominating Cary Cabrera for this remarkable award because she is a phenomenal educator and an outstanding person. She goes above and beyond for her students to make sure they get the education they need. She has made a plethora of contributions to her school and she works countless hours on weekends and on holidays to make a difference in students lives. She truly cares about the well-being and education of her students. She is not just an ordinary teacher she puts her heart and soul into teaching. She is always looking out for her students well-being and is always there for them even years after they have left her. She was once my teacher and has made a major impact on my education and in my life. I greatly appreciate this teacher for doing anything and everything in her power to help me and others get to where we want to go. She has made a huge impact in her school and she has opened up so many opportunities for students. She truly deserves this award.