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Annemarie Luca

Park Trails Elementary

Parkland, FL

Mrs. Luca is the most deserving loving and supportive teacher there is. I have had the privilege of being her daughter for the past 18 years and her beautiful heart has always shined. When it comes to her chosen profession my mom’s family values of commitment and selflessness have her dealing with her students as if they were literally part of our family. Last summer in the heart of this pandemic my mom offered her students an opportunity to stay focused on education through virtual Zoom classes. Forgoing above and beyond what’s expected my mom received a positive review from one of the parents. My mom just wanted to continue to lift student’s spirits during these difficult times and continue making valuable connections that were so desperately needed. In doing so she expanded their knowledge and better prepared them for 4th grade. As stated in the write-up my mom intimately knew the idiosyncrasies of each individual child. That’s what makes my mom such a special educator. She continues to put others first not only in the classroom but in her everyday life. Everyone that knows Mrs. Luca knows that she is one of a kind! Thank you to NCL for appreciating all teachers including the one that makes our house a home.