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Angela Cordova

Doral Academy Elementary

Doral, FL

Angie has been a beloved teacher at Doral Academy since the school opened its doors in 2000. Every morning she greets her students with a huge smile & hug. Many of her former students come see her everyday just to tell her they miss her. Angie teaches the advanced kindergarten class which is no easy task. All her students are at different academic levels & she must tailor her lessons so that no child is left behind while making sure no child is held back from attaining their maximum potential. Although there were unprecedented challenges this year Angie did not hesitate to encourage parents to send students back as soon as they felt comfortable doing so. She put what was best for the kids ahead of her family’s own concerns during the pandemic. She knows the importance of helping her students face-to-face. She has done nothing short of an amazing job managing her lessons to insure that she is giving the necessary attention to the in-person students as well as the remote learners so that they are all advancing. She has done a flawless job at keeping her students safe & healthy while in her classroom during the pandemic. Angie pushes and encourages her students to try and do their best. She is an unforgettable teacher.