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Andrea Lewis-Longmuir

GECDSB - Program Department

Windsor, ON

Andrea is a stellar educator who puts her heart and soul into all she does to inspire other educators and make a difference in the lives of so many. She approaches teaching with a kind patient and calm demeanour that allow her learners to feel safe taking risks in their learning event when it’s challenging. Andrea’s first love was physical education and health. She is stellar at creating resources and lessons that actively engage students in maintaining healthy lifestyles that promote physical emotional and social well being. Andrea also has a passion for math. She recognizes the importance a positive mindset plays in math learning. She engages and supports other educators in providing students with learning opportunities that allow them to develop a deeper understanding of math concepts as well as a love for math learning. Andrea thrives on finding ways to help educators provide activities that create those lightbulb moments for their students in math. The harder the math concept the more motivated Andrea is to find strategies for her learners to discover and understand its meaning. Andrea goes above and beyond to inspire learners of all ages to be the best they can be and is very deserving of this recognition.